A catina / crater chains research and investigations web site. It is our theory that certain types of
catina and craters were made by intelligence. The "signal" we think SETI missed or is ignoring.

Welcome to the "Crater Chain" Research Site

    We have put allot of work into the new pages here at Crater Chain Research, and added a new
dimension to our research. We are studying Mars allot closer and have discovered many more crater
chains there than anywhere else in our solar system to date. After exhausting all other ideas and the
given theories surrounding crater chain formations we settle on weapons as the most likely cause.
    Given their locations, multiplicity and proliferation on Mars the obvious cause would seem to be
battles of ships capable of space travel. What most war veterans would call "strafing runs". Though we
are still gathering information we have stopped work on this web site and won't be adding any new
information we find. We are doing this in an effort to promote direct contact and discussion.
    While investigating forums where these ideas would be discussed we found an inordinate amount of
direct attacks on any such discussion about the possibility of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Actually we
found several topics that get the same treatment. The tactics used are to discredit the evidence by
any means possible and to even boldly lie about known scientific facts. When that doesn't work the one
who posted the controversial topic is attacked unmercifully. Many other tactics are used to cause the
person posting to become discouraged and leave the forums. What ever works, just get the topic and
information off the board and out of the publics view.
    Keeping that in mind we are hoping that those that are really in the "know", or at least think they
are in the know read here carefully. Based on what we have discovered and information from other
sources we state the following.

1.   War has been occurring between ET factions here in our solar system for centuries.
2.   That war recently escalated into a solar system wide conflict with the losers coming to earth.
3.   The winners of that solar system war are still out there.
4.   Earth is the only place we have yet to find CS crater chains.
5.   We are being lied to and the biggest cover up in mankind's history is being perpetrated against us.
6.   The entire race of mankind is at stake.

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SUMMARY REPORT FOR 2003 (Posted Dec. 11, 2003)
A concise explanation of this years research conclusions.

The Cunningham / Smart Theorem
It took intelligence to make these O's all in alignment, equally sized, equally
spaced, and intentionally nonrandom.
      this also took intelligence to make,
Credit: The Galileo Project, NASA This photo is a real puzzler for all scientists.
Over 50 strikes in a line. Spaced shoulder to shoulder evenly. The catina being the
newest feature in the photo by general consensus.

    and this also took intelligence to make.
Credit  JPL, NASA
On Callisto, a moon of Jupiter, it is 360 kilometers long.
It is noted that most scientists agree "all the craters formed nearly simultaneously".
There are hundreds of these types of "crater chains" in our solar system.

    The Cunningham / Smart Theorem
That it takes intelligence to create such a perfect pattern of non randomness such as
these OOOOOOOOOOO, there for, the most reasonable explanation for these types
of "crater chains" being a nonrandom pattern, would be made by intelligence.

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