What Astronomers Saw

When mankind started looking at Mars through telescopes was a long time ago and today we have much more powerful instruments to look at the planets and far beyond. All that we have learned has caused much speculative discussion and countless weeks of research investigating the many types of possible explanations. Mars to us, is a devastated planet, one that has been destroyed by war. There is no way to lessen the impact of what may have happened. Absolutely no way to ignore the evidence to collaborate ETI caused these types of crater chains. After reading this you should realize that they probably used extremely larger or more destructive types of weapons than what made the CS types of crater chains. Those astronomers that made these observations never realized that Mars was going through a nuclear holocaust, or far worse, and that the entire planet was being utterly destroyed. Look carefully at the pictures of Mars today from the orbiters and see the washes of surface areas from past oceans that were displaced by these huge explosions. They didnít know what they were looking at till it was about over. They had nothing to compare it with till after the atom bomb. By then it was mostly forgotten and dismissed as faulty equipment or some other plausible denial. Well, if our scientists, governments, insist we are wrong, or ignore our plea of investigation. Then ask combat veterans and explosives experts, even gamblers, and they will tell you the odds are, we have war minded ETís and not the phone home type, that have had one hell of a battle in our solar system after having examined all of the evidence.