Collaborative Evidence

If these types of crater chains are caused by intelligence, we theorize that it was weapons of some type, similar to or more powerful than nuclear, that were being used that caused these chains of craters. Considering all the crater chains like we are looking at and where we are finding them, war is the highest probability of why we have crater chains of this type in our solar system. We highly doubt that ET would have used this nonrandom pattern as a means of signaling. Based on that theory we can hypothetically examine who, what, where, when, how, and why of some of it. Searching for collaborative evidence in the photos and data that we have of our solar system takes a great deal of time and effort. The time we have thus spent has produced a convincing amount of evidence. Some of which we present here on this web site. This is only conjecture on our part, yet there is stunning evidence that Mars may have been striped of most of its atmosphere, had most of its waters blown away, and literally has been wiped out by war. We can see that there are CS type crater chains on almost all of the planetary bodies thus far examined which gives rise to the idea of solar system wide war. Our solar system, or so we think.
Possible collaborative evidence could consist of other anomalous single craters. There may be signs of resource gathering or mining operations. There should be much more research done in that area we think. If nuclear weapons were used then there should be some evidence of it remaining.