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When we first saw a crater chain it was quite apparent to us that this didn't happen by chance. The explanation given for their probable cause was ludicrous to say the least. But then even though many of scientist's prophecies have fallen by the wayside give credit where credit is due. With out their countless hours and mostly un-thanked for dedication we would not know what we do today about our sciences. It is because of such dedicated people that we have these photos and data concerning what we are researching.  There was one moment that stands out clearly in my mind when I first saw the 13 strikes 2 in a row picture on the Astronomy Picture of the Day 3 web site. "Somebody had to align these meteors to land like that!" That was my very first thought. Now, that thought seems pretty stupid after these past two years of research. We realize today that the only way these crater chains of the type we are researching could have happened is by atomic explosions 4 or some other very high energy explosive. This being a line of craters also reminds us of automatic weapons fire, machine guns, to be even more accurate. It resembles aircraft type strafing fire by far as the closest match. The other match would be nuclear missiles with mufti targeting warheads set to go off in such a pattern simultaneously, as these larger crater chains apparently did.
There is still much work to do in researching the available data and we are progressing as rapidly as we can. Use the links column to the left to navigate to our pages that are open for public viewing. Those that would like to contribute to our effort with photos, and any other data or help that may prove or disprove our theory that these types of crater chains are caused by extraterrestrial intelligence please email it to us.
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The Research Staff at Crater Chains.com
Norval Cunningham and Gale Smart, Co-Investigators

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