Summary for 2004

It has been agreed upon by Norval L. Cunningham and myself, Gale Smart that no further research update on the web pages will be posted.  Furthermore no subsequent findings will be publicly displayed on the research web sites.  This is our response because of the tactics used against this research for information acquisition and control.  These tactics are being used against all that seem to be asking the right questions looking for truth.  The real key is information acquisition.

We are willing to continue discussion with the proper authorities, provided specific criteria are met.

This last year we have worked on the following explorative research and investigations:

1. Information control and acquisition tactics via the net and in the past.
2. Water on Mars.  Rovers and scientists verify massive flooding.
3. Martian Blue Berries.  Made by water or thermal actions?
4. Saturn's moons have crater chains.
5. Scientists agree that CS types of crater chains can not occur naturally.
6. SETI and other ETI investigations lack of discovery or disclosure.
7. Possible resource gathering in our solar system by ETI's.
8. Further historical and biblical references strongly indicate ETI.