The planet Mars appears to have far more crater chains than any where else in our solar system that has been explored to date. Although maybe Phobos may have the most compared to surface area that we are aware of. Because of the erosion factors on Mars we are led to believe that many crater chains have been erased. Yet, there remains so many that we feel that this is where a great battle may have taken place.

In the above photo you can clearly see many of the CS type crater chains with the characteristics we think show obvious intelligence as to cause. Of note are the three and possibly four time frames of occurrence. The predominant CS chain near the center running lower left to upper right appears to be the cleanest and so is probably the newest. Notice the CS chains just above and left of the dominant one. Now they appear to have been covered by dust debris, or possibly silt flow, and that gives us three time frames. Chain, material deposit, then another chain. There is a possible fourth time frame if after closer examination the mound at center right proves true, which seems to have been strafed very heavily to be perfectly blunt many times. If Mars had even a tenth of our water there would have been enough to cause these wash areas we see if larger single strike weapons were used. War is a terrible thought and every person that has been in combat knows this very personally, so look closely, and look hard, prove us wrong.
With the above comments we think the lower picture speaks for itself. And sadly enough, there are more areas showing these CS type crater chains on Mars.

Photo Credit: Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera Image Gallery (MOC)