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There is a whole lot more evidence available to substantiate this theory that ETI caused these types of crater chains and other war damage in our solar system. There also appears to be three kinds of reactions from people that hear of this discovery. The first group makes up about 60% of those talked with and they readily accept and agree that this didn't happen by chance. The second group are those that make up about 35% and because we are not credentialed with initials we couldn't possibly know what we are talking about.  Then there is that last group of about 5% that have no viable argument, but insist that we are wrong. Given answers to their questions they nit pick about anything they can find and try to side track the discussion with unrelated questions. It seems that there are some that know and want all of us to know, and then there seems to be some that know and don't want anyone else to know. Send us your vote as to how you think after reading our investigations.

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