The Signal SETI Missed!

"A Nonrandom "Signal" or phenomenon that MEETS and EXCEEDS the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence as dictated by SETI standards!"
* SETI protocols for what to do if probable discovery is made.

We have been researching the extremely anomalous alignment of certain types of crater chains (CS Chains) as possible signs or indications of having been caused by Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The signal SETI missed because it is outside their constricted researched area 2. The information we present here is intended to cause you to think and ponder the age old question; "Are we alone?" Our research has brought us to the conclusion that we are not alone and some race, or races of ET beings had a major war in our solar system.
Of the nine numbered requests that SETI ask of anyone detecting a possible signal we fulfilled all that were applicable. We documented the ways we did accomplish the protocol requirements, and the nonrandom pattern was verified several times over decades. We submitted our data and waited. We are still waiting for any contact back from SETI and all of the places it said to contact. We figure there may have been a glitch in the email system and faxes, because we got the big fat zero for responses. From over a hundred contacts not even a snicker. What are the chances of that happening we ask?
If a crater chain of the larger type appeared on earth that spanned 30 miles wide, and ran from the White House to New York City in a line like that, do you think that would get a response?  This goes over well in movies, but try and ring the fire bell in your home town.
Not one science editor of any news media or reporter, or scientist even had the courtesy to respond. The only response we got was from a scientist at NASA. We have yet to hear from anybody in so called authority that seems to really comprehend the true implications of this nonrandom pattern. This type of denial and lack of communication has it's own implications too.
But the most baffling part is that what if nobody had even thought of this or mentioned it for all these decades till we contacted NASA? Now that is a scary thought.